Meet the nominees for the ECCAO board of directors for 2024

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This page has been established to compile and present information about the ECCAO 2024 Board of Directors Candidates, offering you valuable insights into their backgrounds and aspirations ahead of the Annual General Meeting. Our goal is to facilitate an informed decision-making process during the upcoming elections. Please note that the page is currently a work in progress, and candidate information will be continually added as it is received. We appreciate your patience and encourage you to check back regularly for the latest updates on our dedicated candidate information page. Your engagement in this process is crucial to the success of our democratic election, and we thank you for your interest in shaping the future of ECCAO.

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Annual General Meeting 2024

Following is the list of ECCAO 2024 Board of Directors Candidates.

  1. Rehab Alsayad
  2. Eiman Abouzeina
  3. Maha Gawdat
  4. Soha Mansour
  5. George Tadros
  6. Asser Elgindy
  7. Omnia F. Abdelwahab
  8. Khaled Badawi

Rehab Alsayad

Rehab Alsayad is an experienced University Professor of English Language and Literature, currently teaching at various universities and colleges in Ontario. She earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in American Literature from Helwan University in Egypt and holds teaching diplomas and certificates from Cambridge University in England. With a rich academic background, Rehab has devoted 25 years to Higher Education, initially in Egypt and Saudi Arabia before relocating to Canada.

Her expertise extends beyond the classroom, encompassing a significant role in Professional Development training, Academic Management, and Project Management, showcasing her leadership and organizational skills. In 2019, she ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing her academy specializing in English tests and proficiency courses.

Since she immigrated to Canada in 2018, Rehab has been an active member of the Egyptian community, organizing various events to foster connections among Egyptian immigrants. Her commitment to community service extends beyond her cultural background, as she is involved with non-profit Canadian organizations such as the T1D CAB Community Advisory Board for Diabetes Type 1 at Trillium Hospital in Toronto, where she volunteers with the research committee, contributing to educational projects for diabetic patients. Rehab’s dedication and contributions were acknowledged by her Member of Parliament, resulting in her receiving an award from the Canadian House of Commons in 2023.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Rehab cherishes her role as a wife and a mother to two daughters, Farah (22) and Jana (19), and a son, Kareem (18). Despite her busy schedule, she consistently finds time for her hobbies, including art, decoration, gardening, and caring for her cat. Rehab’s positive attitude, proactive approach, and interpersonal skills have left a lasting impact on the Egyptian community in Toronto and Ottawa. If elected to the ECCOA Board, Rehab aims to actively engage all segments of Egyptian society, with a special focus on youth, in various projects and initiatives to help them unleash their potential, and ultimately, contribute to making Ottawa a better place for everyone.

Eiman Abouzeina

Eiman Abouzeina is an Alexandrian, she came to Canada 7 years ago to accompany her son and daughter. She studied Dentistry in Alexandia, Egypt and worked as a Dentist in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Eiman has passion for fashion design, she started a side business 24 years ago in both Egypt and Saudi. When she came to Ottawa, she decided to take another step in her fashion career and got an Haute Couture diploma, she then participated in multiple Fashion Shows.  Eiman is a proud mom of 2 wonderful children, Hassan, 26, and Salma, 24 and 2 fur babies, Bondo2 (cat) and Bimbo (puppy).  Eiman joined ECCAO as a member shortly after coming to Canada in search of a home away from home, and her experience with the Egyptian community has been nothing but refreshing and heartwarming. She volunteered with ECCAO in many events and has loved every moment of giving back to our community.  During her time in Ottawa, she also volunteered in many nonprofit organizations. Eiman served as the President of Inner Wheel Ottawa for 2 years, taught sewing and painting at Immigrant Women Services Ottawa for 6 years now, a member of the fundraising committee with Door Youth Centre, volunteered to help newcomers settle in Ottawa with the Catholic centre, and helped raise fund for CHEO with Runway for hope.  Eiman has a lot of ideas and motivation to bring our community closer and include as many Egyptians as we can. She feels that she would be honored if she is given the opportunity to be on the ECCAO board this year to represent and serve our community 

Maha Gawdat

Maha Gawdat

Maha was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt.  She moved to Canada in 1993 . Maha has a Bachelors and a Masters Degree in philosophy.  She also has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Algonquin College, Ottawa. Maha is an entrepreneurial who runs a home daycare based on Montessori methodology.  She enjoys supporting children development, both educationally and socially.  She used her event planning skills and passion for social gatherings and celebrations to expand her business to include kids birthday parties, bridal showers and baby showers.  Maha is a long standing community member and a big advocate for active citizenship.  She joined ECCAO board in 2020 and served in the the capacity of Vice President for three years.  She is hoping – if elected- to continue working with her colleagues and fellow Egyptian Canadians to serve the community and promote our heritage and rich culture.

Soha Mansour

Hello all; my name is Soha Mansour. I came to Canada in May 2000 with my family and have been a proud member of ECCAO since. Myself and my family members have been a part of the Board of Directors multiple times throughout the past 24 years and have served in many positions. I have also served with other non-profit organizations, such as the Inner Wheel Club.  Personally, I love the social aspect and interpersonal relations harvested through my volunteer work and am fond of organizing events and activities. I served as the cultural director in 2023 and would like to rejoin the Board of Directors this year in hopes of increasing youth involvement and their interest in the Egyptian community. I have many ideas to refine the activities put on by ECCAO and am interested in revisiting the idea of hosting an Egyptian Festival; an idea that was started a few years ago and was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m confident in my abilities as a leader and team player and am excited to be involved in the Board of Directors this year.

George Tadros

George Tadros, CMA®, is a seasoned financial professional with a distinguished career. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Alexandria University and has served as a finance manager for numerous large multinational corporations following his graduation. Beyond his professional achievements, George is dedicated to community service, having volunteered for organizations such as the Egyptian Sea Scouts, Scouts Canada, ECCAO, and the Rotary Club of Orleans.

Asser Elgindy

Acer Elgindy

Asser ElGindy moved to Canada in 2018. Since then, he has been heavily involved in the community. He quickly became a member of ECCAO family and a familiar face who offers his support and volunteering at ECCAO events. Through the past four years, Asser organised and supported several ECCAO events including camping, potlucks and social gatherings. He as well volunteered with the Canadian Red Cross and  the Canadian Blood Services. You can always count on his perseverance if you face a challenge!  Asser is a software engineer by profession.  When he is not working, Asser enjoys outdoor activities; camping, hiking, skiing etc.  Asser is also passionate about astronomy and enjoys hosting stargazing events.  Asser is looking forward to joining the ECCAO board in 2022 and work with everyone to support the community.

Omnia F. Abdelwahab

Proud Egyptian Canadian, raised and lived in Egypt for more than 35 years until 2018. I landed in PEI, and stayed there for three during Covid 19 before moving to Ottawa late 2021. In my efforts to socialize with the Egyptian community, I came across ECCAO and has been a proud member ever since then. Something in me clicked once I read the Vision of ECCAO as it touched the hear of what I was looking for: “to advance our (Egyptian) community cultural, social and political standing” with its underlying vision, values, and objectives. I saw these values and objectives in reality in every event and every single member of ECCAO puts a great effort in making those values a felt reality.
I am a Finance executive with more extensive experience in the top multinational organizations in Egypt, and you can review my profile on LinkedIn Currently working with the Finance department of the Ottawa Hospital to review and improve their processes and enable their digital transformation journey.
I am a person who is very fond of the old streets of Egypt, its diverse history and its modern culture. I enjoy the blend of history with modern day life reflected in the handmade artifacts, fashion, architecture, music, rituals, food…etc. The list can go on for a country that is as old and culturally rich as Egypt is. As a proud mother of 3 amazing teenagers, I exert effort in keeping their ties with Egypt and insist on going back to enjoy the culture and deepen our roots so they don’ forget.
I am volunteering with ECCAO as I would like to use my experience and passion to enrich the Egyptian culture in Canada and to raise awareness of the new and the older generation that left many years ago about Egypt and its cultural wealth, and leveraging on the advantage that ECCAO operates from the Capital of Canada.
Thank you and looking forward to meeting every member in person one day, and to volunteering with ECCAO in any way I can.

Khaled Badawi

Khaled Badawi

Khaled Badawi is a collaborative professional with a comprehensive career portfolio showcasing world-class leadership in fast-paced engineering and technology environments. He has a great passion for promoting social and cultural activities, he enthusiastically works to elevate the rich Egyptian cultural aspects in Canada. In his past roles on the ECCAO Board of Directors, he collaborated to partner with communities across Canada to expand social activities, promote cultural diversity, and encourage excellence in the arts and humanities.  Khaled is excited about the opportunity to rejoin the Board and is looking forward to continuing serving the community along with the rest of the Board Members.



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