Week 6 – Adults – Crochet Art

Date: Friday, July 5, 2024

Time: 7:30-9:30 PM

Age: Teens (12-17 years) & Adults (18+)

Type: Applied Arts


Workshop Description: The delicate art of crocheting is a lifelong skill that you’ll use to make beautiful gifts for others and items for your home and wardrobe. You will learn basic techniques and stitches of Crochet to make some beautiful projects .

Workshop instructions:

1-Please attend at least 10 minutes before the class starts for check-in.

2-Wear clothes that suit the nature of this activity. Disposable aprons and gloves will be provided.

3-We will have 15-20 minutes at the beginning to talk about the crochet art and learn the types of hooks and yarns.

4-You will recognize the tools and materials used in this art technique then a demonstration will be given to teach the techniques of crochet stitches, focusing on Chain Stitches. 

5-You will work on individual projects and you will have efficient assistance to help you with your stitches.

6-All materials will be supplied by ECCAO. 

7-There will be a 10-minute break for some refreshments in the middle of the session.

8-After good practice, you can choose a project to complete in class.

9-You will keep the 1st practice product, but the 2nd project will remain with ECCAO team to be displayed later in ECCAO’s Got Talent Exhibition.

10- Since this is an intensive workshop, you need to focus on your work and avoid any distractions. 

11- This is a non-profit activity to help art lovers unleash their potential, so enjoy this opportunity and cooperate with the whole team.

12- This is a published event on social media; hence, if you do not want to be on our media platforms, please let the team know before class starts.