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Voice of Egypt – Television Program

The Voice of Egypt Television Program is an insightful view of the Egyptian community in Ottawa.

The program is endorsed by ECCAO and it is part of the Ottawa Cultural Window series of Rogers Television, Cable 22. Voice of Egypt is covering a range of topics, which informs and entertains in a unique format that is representative of the Egyptian Canadian community in Ottawa.

To find more information and watch recorded program videos, click on the following image:

Program Schedule Sept.2019-Jun.2020

Community Producer: Soha Mansour


Sunday Air Date Air Time (for Sun & Sat) Saturday Rerun
Sep.29 12:00 PM Oct.5
Oct.27 12:00 PM Nov.2
Nov.24 12:00 PM Nov.30
Dec.22 12:00 PM Dec.28
Jan.26 12:00 PM Feb.1
Feb.23 12:00 PM Feb.29
Mar.22 12:00 PM Mar.28
Apr.26 12:00 PM May.2
May.24 12:00 PM May.30
Jun.28 12:00 PM Jul.4
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