Week 4 – Adults – Rocks & Shells Painting

Date: Friday, June 14th,2024

Time: 7:30-9:30 PM

Age: Teens & Adults


Workshop Description: Learn how to paint on rocks and shells using acrylic paint and stencil to make decorative pieces and other beauty purposes.

Workshop details and instructions:

1-Please attend at least 10 minutes before the class starts for check-in.

2-Wear clothes that suit the nature of this activity. Disposable aprons and gloves will be provided.

3-We will have 10 minutes at the beginning to talk about rocks and shells and recognize the features of acrylic paint. 

4-The technique of painting on rocks and shells will be explained.

5- You will be given a variety of designs for rocks and shells and each group will decide on a theme for their collection of rocks and another design for their shells.

6-Individual applications on rocks and shells can be given once the team finishes their projects.

7-Individual rocks and shells can be kept by participants

8-There will be a reward for the team who will finish all their team and individual work: Necklaces for their shells. 

9-All materials will be supplied by ECCAO. 

10- Each group will have 3 participants. Feel free to choose your group members in advance.

11-Then each one of you will have a separate item to take with you at the end.

12-There will be a 10-minute break for some refreshments in the middle of the session.

13- Please bring a box to take your project with you home since the acrylic paint needs some time to dry.

14- All group projects will remain with ECCAO team to be displayed later in ECCAO’s Got Talent Exhibition.

15- Since this is an intensive workshop, you need to focus on your work and avoid any distractions. 

16- This is a non-profit activity to help art lovers unleash their potential, so enjoy this opportunity and cooperate with the whole team.

17- This is a published event on social media; hence, if you do not want to be on our media platforms, please let the team know before class starts.