Week 4 – Kids – Clay and Paper Workshop

Date: Friday, June 14, 024

Time: 7:30-9:30 PM

Age: 5-11 years

Workshop Description: Kids will learn how to use clay and paper to create 3D coral reefs and SeaWorld.

Workshop information and  instructions: 

1-Please drop your child off 10 minutes before the class starts for check-in. 

2-Parents are not expected to stay with their kids once the class starts. There is a waiting area in the park outside the class building. (For kids who need assistance, please see the Cultural Director, Rehab Alsayad).

3-Dress your children in a comfortable outfit that suits the nature of this activity. 

4-In class, kids will practice molding and shaping clay to create different shapes of coral reefs and techniques to use paper in making coral reefs.

5- students will work in groups of 3 to create their own 3D miniature of the dry clay and paper under the supervision of the trainer and assistants.

6-There are washrooms inside the classroom, and there will be a break of 15 minutes. Some refreshments will be served during the break (water-biscuits-juice).

7- All materials will be provided by ECCAO. 

8-  Projects will be kept by ECCAO Arts Academy for the end-of-season Gallery, ECCAO’s Got Talent.

9- This is a non-profit activity to help our children unleash their artistic potential, so your cooperation is highly appreciated.

10- This is a published event on social media; hence, if you do not want your child to be on our media platforms, please let the team know before class starts.

11- Pick up your child at 9:30 PM.