Jul 14 2024


5:30 pm - 8:00 pm



Qahwa – July 2024

ECCAO Qahwa is back for a new season.

اقتباسا من كلمات الإعلامية الرائعة الراحلة سامية الاتربي من برنامجها الشهير حكاوي القهاوي:
عالم بحاله قايم
فيه اللي قاعد جنب اللي هايم
وفيه تلاهي وفيه عبر
وفيه تلاقي كل البشر
وان كنت هاوي .. وان كنت غاوي
وان كنت ناوي تشوف وتسمع
قرب وجرب
هنقرا كتاب .. ونناقش فكرة ..
هنشرب شاي وكمان قهوة
ونتسلي بلعبة وكمان بضحكة..
المهم هات حبايبك وتعالي وجرب


Qahwa, an ECCAO event that has been running for years, and this year we bring the event back with a new flavor and a modern style to suit all ages .and all types of people. So if you are a teenager, a young adult, a middle-aged person or a senior, you have a corner to meet your social and cultural needs in pure Egyptian vibes that we adopt from the vibes of the old streets of our beloved Egypt.

We are not forgetting our little friends, there is a park next to the center with a Kids structure for our kids to enjoy during the event.

So this year, we will have corners in the Qahwa that you can join in or move from one corner to the other. One corner will be to all famous Egyptian board games such as Backgammon, Chess, Cards, Dominos, puzzles…etc. Another corner will be for oriental music lovers playing Om Kolthoum, Abdelwahab, Farid Al-Atrash…etc. Another corner will be for chats and laughs where you can sit, relax and socialize in a friendly chat with people you know or you may wish to know.. Another corner will be for books, intellectual discussions or podcasts (in association with ECCAO Book Club).

The Qahwa is directed by ECCAO VP, Maha Gawdat. feel free to reach out to her by email at, or call 613-501-8649 for any questions.


ECCAO Book Club Launch:
We are happy to announce that the first get together of Qahwa will also host the launch of ECCAO Book Club. Whether you are a seasoned reader or an occasional reader who is willing to explore the world of books, there will be something interesting for you. Join us to learn more about how the Club will work..books categories..sources of the books and different forms to use. Discussions between Book Club readers will take place with the help of a moderator, Ms. Zahra Wally.

More details can be found here:

Date and Time:
Sunday July 14, 2024 – from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Tanglewood Hillsdale Community Association
30 Woodfield Dr, Nepean, ON K2G 3Y5

– ECCAO Members: Free Admission
– Non-members: $5.00 per person – (eTransfer to or cash at the door)

Food and Beverage:
ECCAO will bring tea and coffee and you bring finger food, healthy snacks, sweets and board-games!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!