ECCAO 2023 Board of Directors Elections

Welcome to the ECCAO election page for the year 2023 Board of Directors. The ECCAO Board of Directors Election Form added to the top of this page needs is to be filled only by ECCAO Regular Members who paid the 2023 membership fees before the February 18, 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) date. More details about how and when to use the form will be provided by the ECCAO Election Committee during the AGM. This page also contains information about the ECCAO Board of Directors nominees who preferred to provide written information ahead of the AGM date, others preferred to verbally talk about themselves during the AGM.

Election Form

Soha Mansour


Soha Mansour has a bachelor’s degree in biology, she worked as a science teacher for three years in Kuwait before coming to Canada in May 2000 with her family. Soha worked for three years as a lab technician in the federal government then as a senior academic advisor in the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau for 11 years. She volunteered for a number of non-profit organizations such as ECCAO and the International Inner Wheel. She has been a member of ECCAO since she came to Canada; Soha and a number of her family members have served on the Board of Directors multiple times throughout the past 23 years serving in many positions.  Soha loves the social work aspect and interpersonal relations harvested through her volunteer work and she is fond of organizing events and activities. Soha would like to rejoin the Board of Directors this year in hopes of increasing youth involvement and their interest in the Egyptian community. She has lots of ideas to refine the activities put on by ECCAO and she is interested in revisiting the idea of hosting an Egyptian Festival; an idea that was started two years ago and was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Soha is quite confident in her abilities as a leader and team player and she is excited to be involved in the Board of Directors this year.

Amany Alhadka

Amany Alhadka is the Director of Finance and Operations for the Prospera International Network of Women’s Funds, a network that brings together 44 independent women’s funds in 37 countries, together they mobilize more than US$120 millions and provide grants to feminist movements and grassroot women’s rights organizations in 178 countries. She previously worked for the Equality Fund in Canada; CARE International in Egypt, the United States and Canada; and Misr El Khair Foundation in Egypt. She is also the founder of Alnawa Business and Consulting Services Inc., a social enterprise that focuses on offering innovative solutions to non-profits’ operation management especially during the time of transition and growth. She serves on the boards of directors of Ipas, Gender at Work and Spring Circles. She is a certified trainer and holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting, a post-graduate diploma in financial accounting and auditing from Cairo University in Egypt and earned a certificate of public accountants (CPA) from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Amany believes in the power of people and communities to make a lasting change through mobilizing resources, engaging in dialogues, promoting diversity, and communicating through culture, arts, and social events. Her first engagement with ECCAO was back in 2017 through Ottawa Welcomes the World, Embrace Egypt Festival and since then, she became an active member in ECCAO community. She was on the Board of Directors 2018-2021 holding the positions of Secretary, Vice President, and President for the last two years of her tenure. She was also one of the hosts for the Voice of Egypt show on Rogers TV in 2019. Amany is excited about the possibility to return to the Board, especially that COVID had a huge impact on community gatherings and social events over the last few years. If elected, she would like to work alongside the rest of the board to bring the community back with more innovative ideas and interactive ways of organizing, socializing, and to be able to listen and better respond to the community needs post COVID.

Khaled Badawi

Khaled Badawi

Khaled Badawi is a collaborative professional with a comprehensive career portfolio showcasing world-class leadership in fast-paced engineering and technology environments. He has a great passion for promoting social and cultural activities, he enthusiastically works to elevate the rich Egyptian cultural aspects in Canada. In his past roles on the ECCAO Board of Directors, he collaborated to partner with communities across Canada to expand social activities, promote cultural diversity, and encourage excellence in the arts and humanities.  Khaled is excited about the opportunity to rejoin the Board and is looking forward to continuing serving the community along with the rest of the Board Members.

Ziad Aly

Ziad Aly immigrated to Canada more than 21 years. He is married and a father of 2 daughters, one is in university and the other one is in elementary. Ziad is working for the federal government. He already served on the ECCAO Board of Directors a few years ago, as well as last year, as a Secretary and participated and still in many of the ECCAO’s activities and events. Ziad is also a co-founded the Egyptian Student Association in University of Sherbrooke,QC. He has good connections with many of the Egyptian families in Ottawa and he is aware of a lot the needs of our beautiful community. Ziad believes that he is able to serve the association once again and hopefully, by God willing, will be able to be up to your expectations.

Norhan Awadallah

Norhan Awadallah is a Business Transformation and Operational Excellence Consultant  who has worked with many different government agencies such as Global Affairs Canada, Canadian Heritage, and more.  She advocates for diversity and intercultural dialogue through culture, arts and social events.  Since 2017, Norhan has been active with ECCO, serving on the Board for two consecutive years – first as Vice President, then as the Youth Director. In her spare time, Norhan enjoys attending dance and singing workshops.

Eiman Abouzeina

Eiman Abouzeina is an Alexandrian, she came to Canada 7 years ago to accompany her son and daughter. She studied Dentistry in Alexandia, Egypt and worked as a Dentist in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Eiman has passion for fashion design, she started a side business 24 years ago in both Egypt and Saudi. When she came to Ottawa, she decided to take another step in her fashion career and got an Haute Couture diploma, she then participated in multiple Fashion Shows. 

Eiman is a proud mom of 2 wonderful children, Hassan, 26, and Salma, 24 and 2 fur babies, Bondo2 (cat) and Bimbo (puppy). 

Eiman joined ECCAO as a member shortly after coming to Canada in search of a home away from home, and her experience with the Egyptian community has been nothing but refreshing and heartwarming. She volunteered with ECCAO in many events and has loved every moment of giving back to our community. 

During her time in Ottawa, she also volunteered in many nonprofit organizations. Eiman served as the President of Inner Wheel Ottawa for 2 years, taught sewing and painting at Immigrant Women Services Ottawa for 6 years now, a member of the fundraising committee with Door Youth Centre, volunteered to help newcomers settle in Ottawa with the Catholic centre, and helped raise fund for CHEO with Runway for hope. 

Eiman has a lot of ideas and motivation to bring our community closer and include as many Egyptians as we can. She feels that she would be honored if she is given the opportunity to be on the ECCAO board this year to represent and serve our community 

Asser Elgindy

Acer Elgindy


Hend Eladawy