Your Career Advancement with ECCAO is the first program launched by ECCAO. More to come!

Your Career Advancement with ECCAO

Building a bridge between education and career!!

Update: After the success of the first event held in June 2019, a second event will be scheduled in January 2020. Stay tuned for the details!

I am seeking career advice
I would like to give career advice and/or be a mentor

In a world that is so competitive and fast pace, entering the job market and establishing a career becomes a challenge. This special program is dedicated for individual members exploring careers, looking for a job, professional development or transitioning into a new career.

Our community is rich with many seasoned professionals in different disciplines, our role is to connect those experts in their fields with those who are seeking guidance, support and mentoring to advance their skills, competencies or exploring different career opportunities. A service that was requested by many members within our community!

Who can join this program?

Seekers who are:

  • High school students exploring different careers and fields of specialties;
  • University/graduate students looking for applying for internship, coop and working experience or further investing in their higher education;
  • Adults who aim to enter the Canadian job market;
  • Adults who are looking for a career shift
  • Adults who are aiming to get advanced in their career path and move into their dream job;
  • Adults who are looking for deepening their professional development, leadership and management

What will this program offer you?

Through this program, seekers will benefit from:

  • Sessions and workshops to help gain the skills needed to find your next job opportunity;
  • Speed mentoring and one on one career advising to help identify your goals and guide you through your job search, apply and preparation for your job interviews;
  • Activities to advance your professional skills and leadership skills;
  • Discussions to identify careers that match your interests and how to carve your path to acquire the needed skills and explore the required education.

Who can serve as a career advisor or a mentor?

Advisors and mentors (all individuals) who are:

  • Having a minimum of 5 years of Canadian working experience in a profession or specialty;
  • Passionate about sharing experience and knowledge;
  • Willing to commit and invest in developing others and passionate about supporting youth;
  • Having the time (4hrs/month) to give career advice, meet with mentees and follow up on advancement

How to Register

Remember that work is fun, when we enjoy what we do! Fill in the below forms to enroll either as a seeker or as an advisor (or both).