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Sham El Nessim


Happy Easter and Sham el Nassim!

We invite you to bring your family, friends, and neighbours for an indoor/outdoor fun day on the Easter Monday’s afternoon of April 9th, between 12 and 5 PM.



Parc Moussette, Gatinue, QC. Click here to get directions to the park.



For Kids:
(egg coloring – Play dough – Beads for Girls)


For youth and adults:
• Volley ball, Soccer, Badminton, and Tawla tournaments (Please reply to this email if you are interested to join any of the tournaments)

• Bring your bike, roller blades, skate board, Or just walk along the beach and enjoy the Spring Sun (weather permitting)

• Talent Show (If you want to participate, please reply to this email with details of talent and age) All family activities

• Puzzle competition

• Mad Science show


Food and Admission:

Feel free to bring your own food or Join us for the afternoon meal. ECCAO will provide a Kushari Meal, and a bite of Basbosa.


ECCAO Members: $5.00 / single - $10.00 / Family


Non Members: $8.00/Single - $15.00 / Family


Food: $5.00/ Meal (all meals including desserts)


Beverages: Water and soft-drinks ($1.00 each)


Popcorn: $2.00


(Please confirm number of attendance and number of meals and drinks needed by Wednesday April 4th, 10 PM) to (extra charges may apply for missing the deadline)


Your membership form and fees for 2012 is attached to this email. if you did not pay your membership fees to date, or if you wish, become a member and enjoy our members benefits



If you have the time and wish to volunteer with us, please let us know ASAP. Volunteer opportunities are:


- Door Admission


- Hall Set up (help us putting up the tables, food, drinks at the beginning, or finish off the day)


- Serving food


-Kids Play dough. (1 volunteer is needed)


- Kids Beads activity (2 Volunteers are needed)


- Egg Coloring (1 Volunteer is needed)


ECCAO is not for profit organization and can sign for your community volunteer hours.