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ECCAO Nominations for the 2016 Board of Directors


Nominees List and Status:

The following is a list of nominees who have been duly nominated, seconded and accepted the nomination for the ECCAO Board of Directors for 2016:
  1. Heba Awad (Khaled Badawi, Iman Farag)
  2. Khaled Badawi (Abdel-Latif Mahmoud, Amany Serour, Mokbel Sayed, Mustafa Ayad, Sami Kerba, Adel Iskandar, Samir Atallah)
  3. Faika ElNakib (Khaled Badawi, Iman Farag)
  4. Sherry Fayek (Inas Amin, Amany Nawwar)
  5. Maha Medhat (Khaled Badawi, Iman Farag)

4 members have been nominated, seconded but declined the nomination for personal reasons.
2 members have been nominated but not seconded by the deadline.

Therefore, there will be 5 candidates standing for the elections this year. The Board has the discretion to appoint members in good standing to the vacant positions in the board as they deem fit.

The Election Committee

Aly Nawwar, Osama Fouad, Inas Amin


ECCAO Elections Committee Message:

Ladies and gentlemen, member in good standing with ECCAO,


Here come the time for nominations!


If you or one of your friends has the time and effort to serve the community, please come forward and nominate her/him to run for ECCAO Board of Directors (BoD) 2016. 


ALL Nominations MUST be received before 11:59 PM on December 15, 2015.


Nominations for the new 2016 ECCAO BoD may now be submitted by any voting member provided that nominations are duly proposed, seconded and accepted by the nominee. Such nominations must be received by e-mail only to the ECCAO Elections Committee, Chair Dr. Aly Nawwar and Co-Chairs Mr. Osama Fouad and Mrs. Inas Roshdy before December 15th, 2015. Emails should be sent to


Nominations are accepted for those who were in good standing in 2015. A member who pays his current fiscal year dues is a member "in good standing".


The Board of Directors shall consist of a (7) Directors, all of whom must be Regular Members in good standing.


·         Only Regular Members in good standing shall have the right to hold any office;

·         Only Regular Members in good standing shall have the right to vote at any meeting of the Society;

·         Every Regular Member in good standing shall have one vote and no more;

·         Members of the Election Committee shall not be eligible for nomination to the office of the Board of Directors for the upcoming election;

·         Following the election of the Directors, Regular Members in good standing shall nominate one or more of the Directors for the position of President of the Society. All nominations shall be seconded and accepted.



Thank You


The ECCAO Election Committee:

Dr. Aly Nawwar
Mr. Osama Fouad
Mrs. Inas Roshdy