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ECCAO Nominations for the 2014 Board of Directors


Nominees - Accepted:

(in no particular order)

  1. Amgad Elattar
  2. Rawya Abdalla
  3. Adel Iskandar
  4. Soha Mansour
  5. Ahmed Ibrahim
  6. Heba Ismail
  7. Khaled Badawi


Nominees - Declined:

  1. Khaled Hamouda



To: ECCAO members in good standing


If you or one of your friends has the time and effort to serve the community, please come forward and nominate yourself, her or him to run for ECCAO Board of Directors (BoD) 2014. 


ALL Nominations MUST be received before 13:00 PM on December 10th, 2014.


Nominations for the new 2014 ECCAO Board may now be submitted by any voting member provided that nominations are duly proposed, seconded, then accepted by the nominee.


Such nominations must be received by e-mail only to the Chair of the elections committee before December 10th 2013. Nominations are accepted for those who were in good standing in 2013

·         - Mr. Sami Kerba and a CC to both the co-Chairs of the elections committee

·         - Mrs. Amany Nawar  and

·         - Dr. Abdel-latif  Mahmoud 


Member to have the right to submit nominee has to be a paid member for 2013.


Nominee should be regular member in good standing.


The Board of Directors shall consist of a (7) Directors, all of whom must be Regular Members in good standing.


·         Only Regular Members in good standing shall have the right to hold any office

·         Only Regular Members in good standing shall have the right to vote at any meeting of the Society.

·         Every Regular Member in good standing shall have one vote and no more.

·         Members of the Election Committee shall not be eligible for nomination to the office of the Board of Directors for the upcoming election.

·         Following the election of the Directors, Regular Members in good standing shall nominate one or more of the Directors for the position of President of the Society. All nominations shall be seconded and accepted.



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