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The Egyptian Canadian Cultural Association of Ottawa ECCAO was incorporated in 1984 by a group of 12 Egyptian-Canadian men and women who lived in the National Capital Region.



ECCAO is a non-profit organization, following are its main objectives:

  1. To foster the identity of the Egyptian individual and community in Ottawa.
  2. To foster the interaction within the Egyptian community in Ottawa.
  3. To promote ties and cooperation between the Egyptian Canadian Association and other Arab Associations in Canada.
  4. To maintain and strengthen ties between Egyptian communities in Canada and Egypt.
  5. To encourage mutual understanding and friendship between people of Egyptian cultural background and other Canadians.


Voice of Egypt

TV Program



ECCAO hosts and organizes many events and activities every year. Pictures taken and shared by our members and friends.

Click on the following image to access the picture album:


Qahwa Events (video)

The Qahwa is one of the essential ECCAO traditions, it boosts the interaction within the Egyptian community as well as with other Canadian communities in Ottawa.

Click on the following image to watch the Qahwa video, courtesy of Dr. Mohamed Gamal Gafar: